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This has sorta been a long time coming, because I've become sort of in-active in making personal stuff, especially here on NG. So I was hoping to quickly fill in the gaps and field any questions.

First of all, Anime Amigos, if anyones curious about the progress of that I honestly can't say for certain what my plan is for the 4th installment at this point. All of the key poses and audio were completed for it about a year ago now, but then I got super super distracted by a multitude of other things and I sort of lost my focus on it. The cartoons about 11 minutes in length. I dislike how most of it looks now because my overall artistic sensibilities have almost completely changed since I first made it. So I basically wanna re-make the whole 11 minute thing now to bring the art more up to par with what I think Im capable of. However considering reasons I'll go into, thats not a terribly plausable idea.Worst case scenerio with it, I'll release whats finished of it, just so anyone who is curious can still see it. I don't know when I'd do that.

As for what caused me to loose my focus, well at first it was college, but then it more so became that I'm working as a freelance animator full time now. On the posistive side I'm a lot more efficient, I think the fastest I completed a minute and a half animation was 2 weeks. The negative is obviously that I literally have no time to make personal animations anymore. Acceptions being the occassional doodle or quick practice animation, but I don't consider most of those to be of Newgrounds quality. I'd like to get back into making some personal stuff, so still be on the look out for that! but as of right now I think the most you'll see from my own account will be Demo Reels or stuff I made sound effects for.

If you basically want a summary of what I've been up to for the past year and a half as far as animation, then check out this demo reel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZZ3mp_o7zY

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And sorry for being unable to produce much on my own account in recent time!




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