Pico Day and Political Podcasts

2015-03-01 23:51:05 by RyanStorm

First off, I'm working on a new cartoon now (yayyy,) it's a parody of the game L.A. Noire. I've done one before, but since I did it, I've actually played the game, and have thought of soooo many more jokes. They're good, I promise!

Also, I'm going to be in attendance to Pico Day this April, same week as school vacation, and shortly after my birthday...Aprils a good month! To anyone going, hope to see you there and if your feeling it, just say wassup!

Lastly, I've joined up with some other animators on the NG and the YT, on their pre-existing show: Politcal Podcast.

I've done two things with them so far...

The first is the 6th episode of their podcast:


It's funny, I swear.

And me and RedAndrew did a let's play of the Hidden:


its two parts and is also pretty funny!!


Will the podcast end up on NG? I DUNNO MAYBE!! For now though, subscribe to their channel for more, I'll be a part of some of it.

Also I might animate a bit of the podcast I was in sometime, not like full animation, but like, the slide shows you see in SleepyCast and Game Grumps animated...what do I look like to you? The Ricky Gervais Show???


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