Pico Day Okay?

2015-04-21 19:40:33 by RyanStorm

Already mentioned this in a post, but goddamit I'm so excited that I felt like doing it again. If you don't know already, I'm gonna be attending Pico Day this year.

If you wanna say hi, heres an up to date picture of me:


If your going and you wanna talk or play smash bros or something, PM me. Just be warned, if you challenge me in smash, we're playing Street Rules. NO MERCY(except I suck so don't wreck me 2hard)



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2015-04-21 20:55:17

What smash are we talking about? Should I update my ds version?

RyanStorm responds:

Real talk, I'm probably gonna bring my Wii U with me...oh shit I'm rooming with you dude! YOU GOING DOWN.
But yeyh, Smash 4 bra :)


2015-04-21 21:57:25

DAMN, I would've been so willing to crush you in smash Bros. too.

RyanStorm responds:

bb, if there is a next year...it's on!


2015-04-22 00:48:56

Are you sure that picture's up to date? It looks kinda old.

RyanStorm responds:

Yeah dude, no worries. That's the real me!