Anime Amigos 3.33 and The Politicians

2015-06-01 13:29:56 by RyanStorm

Anime Amigos 3.33 is happening right now! I've just started on doing layouts.

I'm not alone this time, I actually have some help from some very sexy people, including the assossiation I am a part of known as The Politicians.

Here are those beautiful people

@NabibbleJr doing animation on the mechas, as well as inbetweens, clean up, and coloring

@Remusyurov helping with some inbetweens and coloring

@RedAndrew doing the color palettes for the Evas, as well as helping with coloring and clean up

@Mackle-Mouix Doing some additional art, and helping with clean up, coloring, and inbetweens

@Sirbrickrock Doing some additional art, coloring, and clean up

@Mossler Rei pin-ups, as well as potentially doing some inbetweenies

Christian Hanson (Lord Bababa:) doing some clean up, inbetweens, and coloring TAV is doing some kickass additional art work William B. Goode is providing the voice of Robin Williams

and a few friends of mine are doing some girl voices.

Now then, here are some hot pics from the layouts I'm doing



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2015-06-01 13:59:22

oh boy i see my name here

RyanStorm responds:

I see it too!


2015-06-01 14:14:01

yes!! haha This will be the best Anime amigos Episode ever!!

RyanStorm responds:

Lets hope it is, I sure as hell am aiming for it!


2015-06-01 14:16:54

looks pretty good, im sure it will be as great as the previous ones ^^

RyanStorm responds:

thanks dude, I'm working towards it being just that!


2015-06-01 22:44:06

Can't wait man.

RyanStorm responds:

I can't either!


2015-06-02 04:23:26

MMm Toon Boom :D
Looks solid - can't wait to see their next adventure

RyanStorm responds:

duuudddde Toon Boom can do some kickass line work. Something I found out 3 years after getting it!


2015-06-03 14:18:08

A new Anime Amigos episode? Yuss! Oh man, this made my day so much better!

Also, thank you for the butt.

RyanStorm responds:

Butts make everyone's day better!


2015-06-03 17:32:38

Ugh... my brain hurts!

RyanStorm responds:

lemme get you some ice!


2015-06-15 13:33:26

I like Asuka's Smash Bros. pin. This is going to be great!

RyanStorm responds:

hooray! someone noticed!