Anime Amigos Update

2015-08-18 12:16:52 by RyanStorm

It's been a while since I've updated, believe it or not I don't have much to say despite how longs its been.

Anime Amigos 3.33 is going well, the October 4th release date is currently feasable(pheasable?) (fesable?)  but shit can happen that could ruin that.

As for the progress of it, all the inbetweens bits are done, and currently I'm pushing through lip syncing and sending stuff to color to friends.

Still waiting on some people to send me stuff/finish stuff, but their good people so I have faith in them.

The list of people helping out has also increased in size...I'll leave it as a surprise as to who those people are.

So, because I have nothing interesting to type, heres some progress pictures.


(above image was done from scratch by @remusyurov )


And allow me to just plug in my twitter: plug bzt plug. I'm pretty active there if you wanna catch the occasional update/drawing/porn/weird stuff I find


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2015-08-18 14:52:40

Looks great, but don't jinx yourself by setting a deadline.

RyanStorm responds:

gah, I've screwed myself over doing that before tbh...three or four times!


2015-08-18 21:18:56

Man I love the art style; how were you able to cohearse so many people to help you?

RyanStorm responds:

I asked a few buds for some help with some stuff, then some more dudes asked if I wanted some more help, so I thought, "sweet!"
(also talking style, your style looks rad my friend)


2015-08-19 01:09:55

I love you and am going to drown you in Reis and Asukas and Misatos before August ends. What a world. What a fantasy world.

RyanStorm responds:



2015-08-19 05:22:04

Fucking thing sucks. Die. Thks.

RyanStorm responds:

Aw, okay :c


2015-08-19 11:40:46

Speaking of deadlines, was there ever a reason for a deadline or was it just for the LOLZ?

RyanStorm responds:

October 4th is the 20th Anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion and this episode is a parody of Neon Genesis Evangelion, so I thought I'd try and tie them into each other


2015-08-19 17:57:20

after i finish the coloring your going to kiss my sweat nipples :0

RyanStorm responds:

aaaayyyyyy :0


2015-08-20 12:45:39

Very nice drawing style!


2015-08-31 02:02:23

Good stuff bro, I'm sure you'll at least double your fan base before the end of the year! Gotta love those Rorschach backgrounds, do you make those? If so, how?!

RyanStorm responds:

haha, lets hope so!
Ye man, the backgrounds are stuff I've done. I pretty much just use acrylic and water color paints to paint them and then scan them onto my PC. Then I use Photoshop to enhance the colors that my scanner mutes and dulls out


2015-08-31 15:52:31

Still, you got some great looking backgrounds, rather art worthy, no idea what kind of technique you use. Maybe you could submit a few to the art portal, ya know, if you don't mind someone stealing them?

RyanStorm responds:

haha I'd be okay with people using a few of them. Most of them are too sloppy IMO to be art portal worthy, but I'd be down to post some of the better ones in the near future


2015-08-31 20:28:41

Cool, just leave the lesser works unchecked for the Art Portal... your fans will still see them, but the art snobs won't.

RyanStorm responds:

I think I'll do that!
I'll start posting some stuff once I finish up the 3rd Anime Amigos, wouldn't want to spoil anything!


2015-09-24 04:32:54

Still on track for the premiere? I've got little else to look forward to any more... maybe you can draw me in as a cameo in the next one :3

RyanStorm responds:

Happy to say, its already completed! Will be out on schedule!
Working with Tom, to get the aspect ratio on it fixed before the release date. Its a bit squished right now.
Also as for a cameo, I don't see why not lol


2015-09-24 05:20:14

Wonder where Mike's been, he should be helping you since he made Swivel and all... Tom always comes through for his cult members :3 I'll likely be seeing him in a week or two at the office, being an off-season groupie/fanboy of sorts.

RyanStorm responds:

Ye, I believe, everything will work out shortly.
Also thats awesome you get to see Tom, hes a kool dude lol