Anime Amigos 4...what am I doin?

2015-12-24 20:18:43 by RyanStorm

Hellu, its been a while

First of all, genuienly honored that my characters are featured on the border in the front page, and drawn by the amazingly talented Harry Partridge!! I gushed about this a bit on twitter when it first popped up, but I feel like I should extend a proper thank you here on NG. So thank you!

Second, I've gotten a lot of fan art of the characters recently. If you ever draw them, tweet them to me or send them to me. I genuienly love seeing the Amigos done up in different arts styles. Hell, I like every rendition of the Anime Amigos someone else has drawn more than my own drawings of them!

Now, to keep everyone on Newgrounds up to date on where I'm at with the fourth installment of Anime Amigos. For starters, right now this episode is 11 minutes long, this is just from animation, not counting an outro and opening titles. I'm also going to be working on a giant robot fight with several other animators, including Unseriousguy and Mackle-Mouix, who are helping me out with some extra key poses. I've also expanded the overall ammount of animators who are helping me out with the next installment, so hopefully it'll be out soon, despite School, my job,  and its overall length. If you haven't already checked out the previous episode and all the other people who helped work on it. Please do so!

Without further adu, heres some status screen shots!



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2015-12-24 20:36:31

sniffer eva!


2015-12-24 23:26:42

Finally got around to watching the 3rd one, it was great! Glad to see you're already working on the next one, I'm looking forward to it.


2015-12-25 00:12:55

Glad you've got extra hands in creating the crazy. Dunno whether you should be commended or committed lol, with your progress so far!


2015-12-25 15:34:49

papamobile is gonna do great with those inbetweens!


2015-12-25 21:37:14

good luck with the new episode


2015-12-27 07:55:42

Ohhhh, we'll get some fan service!


2016-02-09 23:53:52

looks great can't wait-looks great can't wait- looks great can't wait- looks great can't wait


2016-05-06 02:16:28

Keep on keepin' on, eagerly awaiting the next episode