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Anime Amigos 4...what am I doin?

2015-12-24 20:18:43 by RyanStorm

Hellu, its been a while

First of all, genuienly honored that my characters are featured on the border in the front page, and drawn by the amazingly talented Harry Partridge!! I gushed about this a bit on twitter when it first popped up, but I feel like I should extend a proper thank you here on NG. So thank you!

Second, I've gotten a lot of fan art of the characters recently. If you ever draw them, tweet them to me or send them to me. I genuienly love seeing the Amigos done up in different arts styles. Hell, I like every rendition of the Anime Amigos someone else has drawn more than my own drawings of them!

Now, to keep everyone on Newgrounds up to date on where I'm at with the fourth installment of Anime Amigos. For starters, right now this episode is 11 minutes long, this is just from animation, not counting an outro and opening titles. I'm also going to be working on a giant robot fight with several other animators, including Unseriousguy and Mackle-Mouix, who are helping me out with some extra key poses. I've also expanded the overall ammount of animators who are helping me out with the next installment, so hopefully it'll be out soon, despite School, my job,  and its overall length. If you haven't already checked out the previous episode and all the other people who helped work on it. Please do so!

Without further adu, heres some status screen shots!



2015-10-04 23:12:37 by RyanStorm

Okay so I'm really late to post this, but the 3rd Anime Amigos came out today!

you should check that out:


Also check out ALL of the people that helped out too, because those motherfuckers are talented!

heres a link to the thumbnail too if you please:


and have a nice rest of your day you sexy sods!

Anime Amigos Update

2015-08-18 12:16:52 by RyanStorm

It's been a while since I've updated, believe it or not I don't have much to say despite how longs its been.

Anime Amigos 3.33 is going well, the October 4th release date is currently feasable(pheasable?) (fesable?)  but shit can happen that could ruin that.

As for the progress of it, all the inbetweens bits are done, and currently I'm pushing through lip syncing and sending stuff to color to friends.

Still waiting on some people to send me stuff/finish stuff, but their good people so I have faith in them.

The list of people helping out has also increased in size...I'll leave it as a surprise as to who those people are.

So, because I have nothing interesting to type, heres some progress pictures.


(above image was done from scratch by @remusyurov )


And allow me to just plug in my twitter: plug https://twitter.com/RyanStormah bzt plug. I'm pretty active there if you wanna catch the occasional update/drawing/porn/weird stuff I find

Anime Amigos 3.33 is happening right now! I've just started on doing layouts.

I'm not alone this time, I actually have some help from some very sexy people, including the assossiation I am a part of known as The Politicians.

Here are those beautiful people

@NabibbleJr doing animation on the mechas, as well as inbetweens, clean up, and coloring

@Remusyurov helping with some inbetweens and coloring

@RedAndrew doing the color palettes for the Evas, as well as helping with coloring and clean up

@Mackle-Mouix Doing some additional art, and helping with clean up, coloring, and inbetweens

@Sirbrickrock Doing some additional art, coloring, and clean up

@Mossler Rei pin-ups, as well as potentially doing some inbetweenies

Christian Hanson (Lord Bababa:) doing some clean up, inbetweens, and coloring

http://octaviosblog.tumblr.com/ TAV is doing some kickass additional art work

https://twitter.com/WilliamBGooode William B. Goode is providing the voice of Robin Williams

and a few friends of mine are doing some girl voices.

Now then, here are some hot pics from the layouts I'm doing


I'll quickly preface this by adding a link to my last cartoon:


Cole Phelps Still an Arse-Hole was me one-upping my old cartoon, Cole Phelps Arse-hole, by making a funnier cartoon. They're parodies of the game L.A. Noire. Neither of them really did all that well on NG heh.

ANYWAY, Anime Amigos!

I'm now onto the third installment of the Anime Amigos series, this time I'm planning on making a satire of the movie Evangelion 3.33 You can (not) Redo. If your not firmiliar with Neon Genesis Evangelion, have no fear, I'm stream lineing it, same as all my other parodies, so you don't need to know the source material to get the humor.

Pending Release: October 4th

Title: Anime Amigos 3.33: This is (Not) Kawaii

I might actually make good on my pending release date this time around, as I've actually gotten some of my fellow animator buds to give me a hand with inbetweening, clean-up, and coloring. This will also be the first cartoon I do that actually features legitimate clean-up.

So thats something for all of you to look forward to! Don't forget to check out Cole Phelps: Still an Arse-Hole.

Pico Day Okay?

2015-04-21 19:40:33 by RyanStorm

Already mentioned this in a post, but goddamit I'm so excited that I felt like doing it again. If you don't know already, I'm gonna be attending Pico Day this year.

If you wanna say hi, heres an up to date picture of me:


If your going and you wanna talk or play smash bros or something, PM me. Just be warned, if you challenge me in smash, we're playing Street Rules. NO MERCY(except I suck so don't wreck me 2hard)


Just a Bunch of Smear Frames

2015-04-03 01:10:56 by RyanStorm

I'm working on a parody of the game, LA Noire right now as some of you might know. My focus right now is on createing strong action poses. Also there are quite a few smear frames in there.





2015-03-19 15:21:10 by RyanStorm

Are you a boring piece of shit who has nothing to do until the next Sleepycast comes out?


Political Podcast is a group of animators who like to get together on Skype, talk about stuff, improvise, and read fan fics.

Members include...


RedAndrew: http://redandrew.newgrounds.com/

NabbibleJr: http://nabibblejr.newgrounds.com/

Mackle-Mouix: http://fireflyfx3.newgrounds.com/

Lord Bababa: https://www.youtube.com/user/LordBababa1

StealthyNine: http://stealthynine.newgrounds.com/

We've also been able to scrounge up a few cameos, so far we've had TheUnseriousGuy (http://theunseriousguy.newgrounds.com/) on here, we're hoping to get more cool people in the future!

Where can you check this out?

Well episode 6 is on Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/614070

I plan to post episodes 6-8 then 1-5 over the next few weeks, with three day gaps between each episode.

All of them are currently available on Youtube, along with our the awesomeness that is Political Game Time!


Political Game time is our Let's Play show, we've only played The Hidden Source so far, but we plan to do more and a Battle Block Theatre Let's Play is in the works!

So check us out and if you like it, more will be coming!


Pico Day and Political Podcasts

2015-03-01 23:51:05 by RyanStorm

First off, I'm working on a new cartoon now (yayyy,) it's a parody of the game L.A. Noire. I've done one before, but since I did it, I've actually played the game, and have thought of soooo many more jokes. They're good, I promise!

Also, I'm going to be in attendance to Pico Day this April, same week as school vacation, and shortly after my birthday...Aprils a good month! To anyone going, hope to see you there and if your feeling it, just say wassup!

Lastly, I've joined up with some other animators on the NG and the YT, on their pre-existing show: Politcal Podcast.

I've done two things with them so far...

The first is the 6th episode of their podcast:


It's funny, I swear.

And me and RedAndrew did a let's play of the Hidden:


its two parts and is also pretty funny!!


Will the podcast end up on NG? I DUNNO MAYBE!! For now though, subscribe to their channel for more, I'll be a part of some of it.

Also I might animate a bit of the podcast I was in sometime, not like full animation, but like, the slide shows you see in SleepyCast and Game Grumps animated...what do I look like to you? The Ricky Gervais Show???

The Irony Behind Anime Amigos

2015-02-10 21:35:07 by RyanStorm

Okay, I've wanted to do this since I started working on the second episode of Anime Amigos.

Despite the fact that I completely shit upon hard core Weeaboos and Otakus, I to a lesser extent am one myself. I don't consider myself a full on Otaku, purely because I hate 90% of the animes I watch and I collect other shit too. That said, for all the animes I like, I've amassed a fairly large collection of swag.

*If you don't give a shit about that, at the bottom of the post I talk about what I'm going to start working on.

Lets get this over with then.


DVDs: Azumanga Daioh: Complete Collection, Akira, Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Cowboy Bebop Sessions (First three are the 5.1 remixes the last are the original stereo releases,) Neon Genesis Evangelion (Volumes 1,4, and 6 are remastered Platinum DVDs,) Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt: Blu-Ray DVD Combo, Evangelion 1.11, Evangelion 2.22, Evangelion Death and Rebirth, The End of Evangelion.

VG: Some Haruhi Suzumiya game

2432983_142362091632_IMG_0488.JPGManga and Art Books: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto: Der Mond & Carmine, Neon Genesis Evangelion 01-13, The Dissapearance of Yuki Nagato Chan vol 1-4, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 01, Akira 01, The Shinji Ikari Raising Project vol 1 & 2.

2432983_142362114533_IMG_0495.JPG(This makes my Monitor look way smaller than it actually is)

Figures: Yoko Littner Figma, Haruhi Suzumiya PS2 game Figma, Mari Makinami x2, Asuka Langley Soryu x2, Rei Ayanami, Misato Katsuragi, Unit 02, four unidentified bargain bin bitches

2432983_142362131591_IMG_0503.JPGAlso I have like six differant key chains of the Angels from Evangelion (two are broken and un-pictured) and this one of Megurine Luka

2432983_142362139193_IMG_0498.JPGModel Sheet of a Character from: Seitokai no Ichizon, I have more, but I didn't feel like taking photos of them

2432983_142362145843_IMG_0499.JPG2432983_142362147773_IMG_0501.JPG2432983_142362149333_IMG_0500.JPGThree Evangelion Posters, from Death and Rebirth, The End of Evangelion, and Evangelion 2.22


I didn't photograph it, but my phone case looks like this.

2432983_142362159022_thecringebg.PNGand this is what my background looks like...mind the bit torrent.


last, but not least...


Now that my Autism is out of the way, I might as well discuss what I'm going to work on next.

I'm going to definitely make at least one more Anime Amigos episode, more if I get more ideas. That said, I'm going to take a quick break from those and make a few parodies I've been dieing to make.

So the next thing you can expect is a few parodies, following those, will be the next Anime Amigos short.